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What stories make the best operas?

There are certain things that every opera needs to have. One is brilliant music, of course. And another is an enthralling plot. But where do opera’s stories come from?

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Congratulations to our friend Plácido Domingo on receiving the first ever (!) Honorary Fellowship of the Opera Awards Foundation! We couldn't describe his contribution better than Luciano Pavarotti, José Carreras, and Zubin Mehta do in this documentary…

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Make 2019 the year you get really into classical music...

Garden gates and oil fields: How directors bring The Rake’s Progress to life

“Nick appears immediately at the garden gate.” A simple enough statement, you might think. But for an opera director, maybe not...

Symphonic Ballets, Balletic Symphonies… Tchaikovsky and Dance Music

Tchaikovsky’s three ballet scores are all revered today, but they drew mixed—sometimes very negative—reviews when they were first performed. "The melody is too… how can I say it? Too confused, too capricious—in a word, it was not written 'balletically.'” (St Petersburg News, 1877) That was a critic’s verdict after the premiere of—wait for it—Swan Lake.

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Around the World in 80 Pieces

Figaro entertains us from Seville, we wait anxiously for Pinkerton to return with Butterfly in Nagasaki, and we venture deep into the Underworld with Orpheus. Chopin's mazurkas transport us to a Polish village, and Dvorak's Slavonic dances pull us into Bohemian history. With classical music as our travel guide, let's see if we can make it around the world in 80 pieces...

10 Dinner Party Facts About Giuseppe Verdi

1. His date of birth is unclear. Scholars have found references on October 11th that state Giuseppe Verdi was "born yesterday," but...

10 Dinner Party Facts on Leonard Bernstein

A central figure of the New York scene during much of the twentieth century, Leonard Bernstein led a truly fascinating life. A known charmer with a passion for entertaining, he was often the life of any party he attended. What better way to celebrate the magnetic maestro than a list of fun facts to whip out at your next dinner party?

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