Did Berlioz really say all that!?

Whether it be love, composition, or music criticism, Berlioz threw himself passionately into every pursuit. He was zealous, shameless, and above all, he was imperturbably earnest.

Indeed, Berlioz was not only an accomplished composer, but also a prodigious writer. Over 3,000 of his letters have been published to date, along with 5,000 pages of critical commentaries on the opera, the Academy and dilettantism – often bitingly satirical – and much more! He really didn’t hold back – as Bernstein put it: “Berlioz tells it like it is.”

Take the #Berlioz150 quiz if you dare and see if you can tell Berlioz from Beethoven, Shakespeare and Goethe!

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Berlioz may never have been at a loss for words, but sometimes the audacity of his music leaves us speechless! – make sure you don’t miss out on any of our fabulous #Berlioz150 line-up … there’s sure to be fireworks.

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