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Alix is a former clarinetist, musicologist, and content marketing manager at!
Because the iconic American opera singer with a voice like "a grand mansion of sound" was an inspiration both on and off the stage.
With the voice and piano running in two different time signatures, Dvořák situates his romanticized ode to the past in a hazy, daydream-like atmosphere.
A single rhythmic cell is repeated 150+ times, yet the piece is far from static. How does Ravel do it? Timbre, orchestration, and one really long crescendo.
1653, France. The "Sun King" takes over the ballet stage and the reins of the country: a legendary moment of art-as-propaganda...
After all, can you really say you know someone if you don't know which composer they'd like to have dinner with? or what their signature dance move is? We took matters in hand and asked twelve Verbier headliners a set of hard-hitting questions...
With its vivid depiction of Mother Nature, Vivaldi's Four Seasons needs little introduction. But what about all the creatures that inhabit this musical world? From chirping birds to barking dogs, Vivaldi's animals have voices of their own!
Attention all bookworms! Here are our picks of recent novels for classical music lovers, ranging from political thrillers to historical fiction...
The beautiful oboe solo that opens the Adagio. How could a musical moment Brahms feared "feeble" manage to arouse jealousy in violinists everywhere?
The "talking" bass clarinet impersonating a caterpillar. Life in Unsuk Chin's psychadelic version of wonderland sure is a trip!
The piano 🎹 It may seem obvious to listen to the piano in a piano concerto, but if we look closer, there's a bit more to it than that...