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Which animal is responsible for Nikiya's death in La Bayadère, one of ballet's most tragic moments? Just how long is the typical tutu in the Romantic ballet? Can you recognize what ballet basics like an arabesque or a grand jeté look like on stage? Let's find out!
Often thought of as a challenging repertoire for both performers and audiences, Russian opera represents a diverse and impressive body of work. From opulent historical dramas to absurd philosophical fairy tales, there's something to please all kinds of opera lovers. Today we're swapping our "toi, toi, toi" for "Ни пуха, ни пера" as we dive right into the rich repertoire with a playlist of our favorite Russian operas...
With all the back-to-school spirit in the air this time of year and all of the incredible Russian music we've been streaming this month, we thought it might be fun to head back in time to see what our favorite Russian composers looked like as kids. Will you be able to recognize them?
A journalist who attended his rehearsal asked him why he ended the programme with Parsifal since the music was more difficult for a broad audience than Tristan. He replied: "What can be done after redemption?"
"What does a conductor do, anyway?" Most classical musicians have likely fielded this question from well-meaning but perplexed family and friends. To help you flesh out your answer, we're pulling back the curtain and diving into a world many music lovers rarely get the opportunity to explore: the rehearsal.
Next week, we'll be celebrating Evgeny Svetlanov's birthday and streaming the last two rounds of the 4th Evgeny Svetlanov International Conducting Competition. We're kicking off our special Svetlanov in the Spotlight series with a fun list of things you may not know about the legendary Russian conductor...
It's been a big few weeks for Placido Domingo. Last week, the superstar opera singer achieved a nearly superhuman feat by debuting his 150th role—triple the number most star singers rack up over the course of a career.
A central figure of the New York scene during much of the twentieth century, Leonard Bernstein led a truly fascinating life. A known charmer with a passion for entertaining, he was often the life of any party he attended. What better way to celebrate the magnetic maestro than a list of fun facts to whip out at your next dinner party?
On August 25th, the classical music community will be celebrating the centenary of one of the most influential figures of the twentieth century: Leonard Bernstein! While you wait, why not see just how well you know the multi-talented maestro?
Many may think of opera as an old-fashioned art form, but it is certainly alive and well in the twenty-first century. The following four works may be recent additions to the repertoire, but they've already demonstrated their ability to engage audiences both with their captivating scores and their compelling,...