Backstage at the 2018 Verbier Festival in photos

Making an event like the Verbier Festival available in real time worldwide is a big job. In addition to the performers and festival organizers, of course, there are a lot of people involved in the project that you might not necessarily think about. Let’s head behind-the-scenes to see just who exactly is working to bring the stage to your screen…

Setting the stage

Our pick for unsung festival hero? The piano tuner!

The piano tuner

After the piano tuner has made sure everything is pitch perfect, the artists take their turn on the stage to get a feel for the hall, here before the 25th Anniversary Gala Concert

Evgeny Kissin and Yuja Wang rehearsing for the gala concert
Martin Fröst rehearsing for the gala concert
Rehearsing for the gala concert

To get a sense of the bigger picture, here’s a 360°-view of Daniil Trifonov rehearsing before his Chopin recital!

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From the stage to your screen

The film crew‘s mission? Using remote-controlled cameras to give you the best view of each bar of the piece.

Filming each performance isn’t a simple question of setting up a few still cameras and hitting record. Cameras are strategically placed according to the type of ensemble and the repertoire being performed. During the event, a crew of cameramen work via remote control under the guidance of the director and a musical advisor, who follows the score closely. Let’s see how the team from the 2014 Verbier Festival explained the process…

Next up in the chain of people working to bring the stage to your screen? The streaming team

The streaming team hard at work


Another major event that happens backstage at performances? Getting starstruck when you run into some of your favorite artists 🤩 The night of the 25th Anniversary Gala Concert was particularly impressive…

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