Do the world’s top classical musicians prefer hiking or biking? Hamburgers or hot dogs? Are they cat people or dog people? Who comes to Verbier partially for the Swiss chocolate and who comes for the fondue? Last summer, the team conducted a (very scientific) survey of Verbier Festival regulars like Martin Fröst, Yuja Wang, and Lucas Debargue to see if we could figure out just what makes these incredible musicians tick.

While some of the answers were predictable, others were certainly surprising. Before we dive into the data, let’s see if you can guess some of the wider trends we observed…

And now for the results! Here are a selection of stats we’ve pulled out from last year’s papercast interviews…

pie chart 75% swiss chocolate, 17% swiss fondue, 8% swiss cheeseSwiss cheese vs. Swiss fondue 

Classical music stars overwhelmingly voted for chocolate as their favorite Swiss specialty!

Cats vs. Dogs

Contrary to the popular belief that classical musicians tend to be cat people, Martin Fröst was the only artist in our survey to position himself solidly in the feline camp.

bar graph hiking 5 biking 5Hiking vs. Biking

Team Hiking: Lucas Debarge, George Li, Mischa Maisky, Vadim Repin, Antoine Tamestit

Team Biking: Vladmir Feltsman, Martin Fröst, Roberto González-Monjas, Nikolaï Lugansky, Julien Quentin

Coffee vs. Tea, Country vs. City!

Caviar vs. Vodka

Finally, the musicians of Russian origin that we surveyed about caviar and vodka were divided on the subject…

To find out all how the individual stars answered each question, spend a minute with each one!  

▶️ Click here to watch the rest of the set! 

Stay tuned for this year’s interview series, which promises to take you back in time to see just what your favorite musicians were up to when the Verbier Festival was born. We’ll be adding new videos over the coming days as we manage to catch artists between rehearsals for a quick trip down memory lane…

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