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This Week in Music History: The premiere of Strauss’s Salome (1905)

Strauss’s opera Salome scandalized the musical world in 1905—and again in May 1906, when, as Ross vividly describes, the Austrian premiere in Graz drew together an astonishing array of musical luminaries, from Mahler to Schoenberg to Puccini. “Like a flash of lightning,” Ross writes, “it illuminated a musical world on the verge of traumatic change. Past and future were colliding; centuries were passing in the night.”

This Week in Music History: Hans Sachs is born (1494)

There are relatively few shoemakers with their own entry in The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, the standard reference work for classical music. But Hans Sachs was no ordinary shoemaker.

This Week in Music History: Beethoven finishes the Heiligenstadt Testament (1802)

"How could I possibly admit such an infirmity in the one sense which should have been more perfect in me than in others," Beethoven asks in his Heiligenstadt Testament.

This Week in Music History: Clara and Robert Schumann marry (1840)

Sunday, September 13, 1840 was Clara Schumann’s 21st birthday, but it was the preceding day that she described in her diary as the “most beautiful and most important” of her life. In fact, given how much had already happened in Clara’s life, she must have felt like an adult well before that birthday. The “most beautiful” event was, of course, her marriage to Robert...

This Week in Music History: The Premiere of Mozart’s La Clemenza...

Despite what a certain well-known film would have us believe, the composer Antonio Salieri did not plot to assassinate Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The brilliant film (and play) Amadeus took, let’s say, a few liberties with the historical truth. But surprisingly, it is true that Salieri was responsible—albeit indirectly—for making Mozart’s workload significantly more complicated in the chaotic final year of his life.

This Week in Music History: Wagner’s Ring cycle is first performed...

Classical music has such a long, storied history, that it can be difficult to know where to start. Each week, we’ll be exploring an...