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🎧 One Thing to Listen for in Le Ballet Royal de...

1653, France. The "Sun King" takes over the ballet stage and the reins of the country: a legendary moment of art-as-propaganda...

🎧 One Thing to Listen for in Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

With its vivid depiction of Mother Nature, Vivaldi's Four Seasons needs little introduction. But what about all the creatures that inhabit this musical world? From chirping birds to barking dogs, Vivaldi's animals have voices of their own!

Top 5: Choral Music for Easter

There's nothing like egg-cellent choral music to get that egg-static Easter feeling. We've been on an Easter egg hunt and think our Top 5 are unbeatable...

This Week in Music History: Handel’s funeral in Westminster Abbey (1759)

Handel's funeral in 1759 culminated in his burial in Westminster Abbey. Handel was German, but the 1784 "Commemoration" concert was that of a Englishman.

This Week in Music History: Mendelssohn revives Bach’s St Matthew Passion...

The Matthew Passion was all but buried with Bach in 1750. But following its 1829 resurrection, courtesy of Felix Mendelssohn, it seems to have taken on a life of its own...

This Week in Music History: The premiere of Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo (1607)

Claudio Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo isn’t the first opera. But it’s remarkably close.

What stories make the best operas?

There are certain things that every opera needs to have. One is brilliant music, of course. And another is an enthralling plot. But where do opera’s stories come from?

10 Dinner Party Facts on Handel’s Messiah

You're probably hearing a lot of "Hallelujahs" right around now. Here's what to say back.