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And all that Jazz

Jazz and classical music—an unlikely friendship? Louis Armstrong, George Gershwin, and Duke Ellington started the conversation, and we want to listen.

This Week in Music History: Verdi’s Falstaff premieres (1893)

Certain facts speak for themselves when it comes to the premiere...

How well do you know Jacqueline Du Pré? Take our quiz...

Jacqueline Du Pré © David Farrell / Redferns On January 26th, the classical music community remembers...

This Week in Music History: Claudio Abbado dies (2014)

“Always a great conductor, his performances in these last years were transcendent, and we all feel privileged to have witnessed them,” Rattle described.

10 Dinner Party Facts About Giuseppe Verdi

1. His date of birth is unclear. Scholars have found references on October 11th that state Giuseppe Verdi was "born yesterday," but...

Placido Domingo, one of opera’s most public faces

It's been a big few weeks for Placido Domingo. Last week, the superstar opera singer achieved a nearly superhuman feat by debuting his 150th role—triple the number most star singers rack up over the course of a career.

This Week in Music History: Leonard Bernstein is born (1918)

Humphrey Burton’s brilliant biography of America’s most famous musician begins with a quotation from Samuel that sums up Leonard’s childhood: “How could I know my son was going to grow up to be Leonard Bernstein?” he said.

A #Bernstein100 birthday quiz!

On August 25th, the classical music community will be celebrating the centenary of one of the most influential figures of the twentieth century: Leonard Bernstein! While you wait, why not see just how well you know the multi-talented maestro?