Friday, March 5, 2021
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Swiss Cheese Stories

After all, can you really say you know someone if you don't know which composer they'd like to have dinner with? or what their signature dance move is? We took matters in hand and asked twelve Verbier headliners a set of hard-hitting questions...

Tsinandali Festival 2019

Georgia's Tsinandali Festival and Pan-Caucasian Youth Orchestra will be beacons of light on the Silk Road. Music is, after all, a universal language...

This Week in Music History: The BBC Proms began (1895)

London in 1895 was gradually starting to take its modern form. Its famous skyline, long dominated by St Paul’s Cathedral, had gained two landmarks in the 1870s and Tower Bridge had been completed the previous year. 1895 was Queen Victoria’s 58th year on the throne, and it was also the year of Oscar Wilde’s imprisonment for “gross indecency:” this wasn’t yet the London of today. But one festival began that year that is still going strong.