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6 Degrees of Separation: Franz Liszt [Contest Closed]

A veritable nineteenth-century celebrity, Franz Liszt had an impressive social network. Today on the blog we're playing 6 degrees of separation. Think you can figure out how we connected him to Michael Jackson? Come up with your own chain for the chance to win a medici.tv Premium gift card!

So you think you know dance?

Which animal is responsible for Nikiya's death in La Bayadère, one of ballet's most tragic moments? Just how long is the typical tutu in the Romantic ballet? Can you recognize what ballet basics like an arabesque or a grand jeté look like on stage? Let's find out!

Can you recognize your favorite Russian composers when they were kids?

With all the back-to-school spirit in the air this time of year and all of the incredible Russian music we've been streaming this month, we thought it might be fun to head back in time to see what our favorite Russian composers looked like as kids. Will you be able to recognize them?

Are you ready for #Bernstein100? Find out with our quiz!

On August 25th, the classical music community will be celebrating the centenary of one of the most influential figures of the twentieth century: Leonard Bernstein! While you wait, why not see just how well you know the multi-talented maestro?

Do you know your Prokofiev?

Which symphony did Prokofiev write twice? Did he really write a piano concerto for just one hand—and if so, which hand? ✋ Take our...

1 Minute With… some of classical music’s biggest stars!

Do the world's top classical musicians prefer hiking or biking? Hamburgers or hot dogs? Are they cat people or dog people? Who comes to...

Can you guess the classical pianist just by seeing their hands?

You might be able to recognize today's top classical pianists if you crossed paths with them on the street, or even be able to...

Bach to Basics: The Quiz

"Papa Haydn" was instrumental in the development of which genre(s)? What does "the curse of the ninth" refer to? How many movements were there...