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10 Dinner Party Facts about Offenbach

Offenbach was quite a character. French-German, Parisian and Offenbacher, an accomplished cellist and brazen prankster, he lived out his own cariacature...

This Week in Music History: The premiere of Berg’s incomplete Lulu...

Alban Berg's Lulu, premiered in just two acts, depicts a morally decaying and travestied world, and one that was utterly repellent to the Nazi regime...

10 Dinner Party Facts about “Der Chef” Herbert von Karajan

"Der Chef's" legend lives on through his unprecedented video legacy. But how much do we know about the conductor behind the camera? Here are 10 fun facts.

This Week in Music History: Montserrat Caballé is born (1933)

Freddie Mercury described Monserrat Caballé's voice as “the best in the world.” Caballé was a born diva, and in 1964, became an instant star...

This Week in Music History: The premiere of Beethoven’s Eroica Symphony...

Napoleon may have ceased to be Beethoven’s hero, but the composer and his imposing Eroica Symphony have a heroism of their own.

This Week in Music History: The death of Prokofiev (1953)

Prokofiev had the misfortune of dying the same day as Stalin. Entangled in death as in life, both men left their mark on the twentieth century.

This Week in Music History: Shostakovich is born (1906)

In her book Shostakovich: A Life, Laurel E. Fay describes the memorable first lesson Dmitri received from his piano teacher mother, Sofya. “Within minutes,” Fay writes, “she recognized that she was dealing with a youngster of precocious musical ability, possessing perfect pitch and a phenomenal memory.” He progressed on the piano with ridiculous ease, and also started composing from the age of nine.

This Week in Music History: Itzhak Perlman is born (1945)

“I’ve got rather large hands, and everybody tells me… you should be a cellist, you should be a bass player, you should be a pianist—anything but a violinist!”—Itzhak Perlman

10 Dinner Party Facts on Leonard Bernstein

A central figure of the New York scene during much of the twentieth century, Leonard Bernstein led a truly fascinating life. A known charmer with a passion for entertaining, he was often the life of any party he attended. What better way to celebrate the magnetic maestro than a list of fun facts to whip out at your next dinner party?

This Week in Music History: Leonard Bernstein is born (1918)

Humphrey Burton’s brilliant biography of America’s most famous musician begins with a quotation from Samuel that sums up Leonard’s childhood: “How could I know my son was going to grow up to be Leonard Bernstein?” he said.