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This Week in Music History: Schubert is born (1797)

Franz Peter Schubert’s parents, Franz Theodor and Maria Elisabeth, were wise to get to church as soon as possible after his birth on January 31, 1797.

This Week in Music History: Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony premieres (1888)

Early critics of Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony reacted differently to the different movements, but the finale repeatedly came in for criticism. Tchaikovsky even started to believe some of the more negative assessments himself: “I concluded that this symphony is unsuccessful,” he wrote after conducting it in Prague. “There is something repulsive about it.”

This Week in Music History: Vincenzo Bellini dies (1835)

Vincenzo Bellini was just 33 years old when he died of dysentery in a Parisian suburb on September 23, 1835: younger than Chopin (39), Bizet (37) or even Mozart (35) at the time of their deaths...

This Week in Music History: Clara and Robert Schumann marry (1840)

Sunday, September 13, 1840 was Clara Schumann’s 21st birthday, but it was the preceding day that she described in her diary as the “most beautiful and most important” of her life. In fact, given how much had already happened in Clara’s life, she must have felt like an adult well before that birthday. The “most beautiful” event was, of course, her marriage to Robert...

The Curse of the Ninth

In honor of Friday the 13th, we're taking a look at one of classical music's most entrenched—and certainly most macabre—legends: the curse of the...