Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Pearls of wisdom

Pearls of wisdom go a long way in lighting the way of the performers of the future. We've collected some gems from illustrious musicians past and present...

Playlist: Portraits of contemporary composers

Celebrating the composers who invite us to listen to the world anew — an amplified cactus? Why not?! But is there a (12-tone) method to their madness?

#Nielsen2019: Young Talent meets Carl Nielsen

The Carl Nielsen International Competition springboards young artists to international success. After all, Nielsen was once a young artist too…

This Week in Music History: Claudio Abbado dies (2014)

“Always a great conductor, his performances in these last years were transcendent, and we all feel privileged to have witnessed them,” Rattle described.

Playlist: Classical Music’s Precocious Young Composers

This week on, our 10th-anniversary programming is reliving moments of musical greatness brought to us by young musicians. Classical music, of course, has a long tradition of child prodigies, both on the stage and behind the staff paper. Let's look at few of the precocious performer/composer double-threats who have gone down in history...

A few minutes with composer Camille Pépin

Camille Pépin's Autumn Rhythm was premiered (6 times!) at the International Long-Thibaud-Crespin Competition yesterday. She spoke with us just before the big day...

6 Degrees of Separation: Franz Liszt [Contest Closed]

A veritable nineteenth-century celebrity, Franz Liszt had an impressive social network. Today on the blog we're playing 6 degrees of separation. Think you can figure out how we connected him to Michael Jackson? Come up with your own chain for the chance to win a Premium gift card!

The magic and mystery of conducting

“You see: they don’t need me. They do perfectly well by themselves,” says Leonard Bernstein, as he strolls away from an orchestra that blithely continues to play Brahms’s First Symphony. So begins one of his legendary Omnibus episodes, entitled “The Art of Conducting,” in which he provides a (so to speak) unbeatably clear guide to the practicalities of conducting an orchestra, from how to read a score to how to beat in time. So, then. Why does the orchestra need him, when they can apparently get by—even in a large-scale work like the Brahms—on their own?

Great conductors in rehearsal: dive into the mysterious world of the...

"What does a conductor do, anyway?" Most classical musicians have likely fielded this question from well-meaning but perplexed family and friends. To help you flesh out your answer, we're pulling back the curtain and diving into a world many music lovers rarely get the opportunity to explore: the rehearsal.

10 Dinner Party Facts about Evgeny Svetlanov

Next week, we'll be celebrating Evgeny Svetlanov's birthday and streaming the last two rounds of the 4th Evgeny Svetlanov International Conducting Competition. We're kicking off our special Svetlanov in the Spotlight series with a fun list of things you may not know about the legendary Russian conductor...